What happens in the case of unpaid leave?

Before taking unpaid leave, you have several options for maintaining your insurance cover with the Alvoso Pension Fund. You have the following options to choose from:

  • Continuation of previous insurance cover
  • Continuation of previous risk insurance
  • Suspension of insurance

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What risks are insured in my pension fund?

In principle, savings capital is saved during employment for a later pension. This savings capital is converted into a pension at the time of retirement. The conversion rate is applied. You will find your expected annual pension on your pension statement.

In addition to the retirement pension, disability and death are also insured. You will also find these individual benefits on your pension statement.

Which salary component is insured in my pension fund?

The employer, together with the employees’ representatives, determines which part of the salary is insured in the occupational pension scheme. The insured salary is shown in the individual pension statement provided for each insured person.