Persons who receive a gross annual salary of more than CHF 21,510 (as of 2021) from an employer must be insured by the employer in the occupational pension scheme (BVG).

The insurance coverage against death and disability risks runs from 1 January, following completion of the 17th year of age.  The old-age savings commence on 1 January after the insured person reaches the 24th year of age.

The occupational pension scheme (BVG) supplements Swiss AHV and IV. Under these insurance schemes, retired persons should receive a total pension income of around 60 percent of their final salary. The occupational pension scheme also pays pensions in the event of disability and death to widows, widowers and orphans.

The Alvoso Pension Fund is the alternative to conventional full insurance solutions or collective foundations with standard plans. The majority of our members are small and medium-sized companies from German-speaking Switzerland.

Alvoso’s appeal lies in its local ties and proximity to commercial enterprises in eastern Switzerland and the greater Zurich economic area.

Both compulsory and non-compulsory pension plans are managed for insured persons and these are tailored to the specific personnel policy needs of the individual companies. Different groups of people with different pension plans can be set up under the same corporate membership. The full salary is insurable with no coordination deduction.

The insurance risks of disability and death are fully covered by a reinsurance contract. Overall, Alvoso has an optimal age structure and is very well positioned for further growth.